Anonymous asked:
Why you so depressed all the time?

because I’ve run out of my anti-depressents.

Anonymous asked:
And why would people think you're a dirty skank?

because they are judgemental cunts.  

Anonymous asked:
Dancer ooooh what sort?

everything but ballet and contemporary are my preference. 

when-love-ever-fails asked:
Follow back? Love love your blog! ❤️

done and dusted, aww thank you.

Anonymous asked:
Why did you block me from everything after a day?


Anonymous asked:
Are you naughty or nice :)

somewhere in the middle.

Anonymous asked:

I don’t do Twitter lol.

Anonymous asked:
What are you doing with yourself at the moment

feeling sorry for myself because I have exams coming up. 

Anonymous asked:
How do I go about taking you out on a nice date?